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Imperial Jasmine

Jasmine green tea

Imperial Jasmine

Imperial Jasmine Green Tea

Light and aromatic tea that warms up and raises the mood
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Province Fujian

"Imperial Jasmine" - high-class jasmine tea produced from the buds and top 2 leaves from white tea bushes from Fuding area (Fujiang province). At the stage of heating and drying, the tea leaves are layered with the freshly picked blossoms of jasmine from famous plantations in Heng County, Guangxi province. Such process is performed 3 times in a row, and after each stage the leaves are cooled down and jasmine buds are being refreshed. As a result, the tea has deep and fresh, but sill delicate aroma of jasmine, which perfectly combines with the natural taste of young white tea. 

Jasmine tea tea is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it has anti-viral and antibacterial features, and helps fight influenza. It warms you up, calms down the nervous system, removes stress and soothes headaches.

It is a wonderful tea to round off a social or business dinner. It refreshes breath, raises mood and turns a conversation to an easy mood.

The yellowish brew harmoniously combines the fresh soft flavor of green tea with a tender and sweet jasmine aroma.


Way of cooking

Brew with boiled mineral water cooled down to a temperature of 80–85°C, based on 1-2 teaspoon of leaves per 200 ml. Infuse for 3–4 minutes, then strain and pour into cups. We recommend repeated brewing of the tea leaves.

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