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Longjing (batch 2018)

Green tea

Longjing (batch 2018)

Longjing Green Tea

Classic green tea, invigorating and spring-like fresh
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Province Fujian

In China Longjing is called the tea of four perfections: flavor, color, aroma and form. Due to the specific method of processing the most popular green tea in the world, it preserves the natural shade and freshness.

Longjing is rich in vitamins and minerals and has high concentration of EGCG — the strongest natural antioxidant. If used regularly, green tea slows down the aging process, lowers the risk of cancer diseases and stabilizes blood pressure.

Longjing is good for any time of the day — it invigorates, clarifies the consciousness and helps overcome fatigue and dizziness.

The light green brew has a sweetish flavor of pumpkin seeds and tender aroma of summer herbs.

Way of cooking

Brew with boiled mineral water cooled down to a temperature of 80–85°C, based on 1–2 teaspoons of leaves per 200 ml. Infuse for 3–4 minutes, then strain and pour into cups. We recommend repeated brewing of the tea leaves.

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