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Lao Tong Zhi ("Old mate") No.908 (2013)

Cooked (Shu) puerh

Lao Tong Zhi ("Old mate") No.908 (2013)

Cooked Puerh Tea

High quality pu-erh Lao Tong Zhi, produced by the famous Haiwan Tea Factory
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Province Fujian

High quality pu-erh Lao Tong Zhi (“Old Mate"), produced by the famous Haiwan Tea Factory. Pu-erh compressed into 200 gram discs (“bing cha”) “Old Mate” is one of the most famous pu-erhs produced under the supervision of recognized master Zou Bingliang (Yunnan), renowned throughout the tea world. A tea cake consists of carefully selected tea leaves with a high concentration of golden leaves, it is medium fermented and has a rich but soft and balanced flavor.

This pu-erh variety is good both for immediate use and for further aging over several years (remember, the flavor qualities of pu-erhs, just like those of cognacs, only improve with time!).

Way of cooking

With a sharp knife carefully, in parallel layers, separate 4–5 grams (a table spoon) of tea leaves, place them into a glass or clay teapot and rinse with boiling water for about 10 seconds. Attention! The first brew is used solely for rinsing the pu-erh and is not for drinking! Such "washing" helps soften the tea leaves, heat up the tea pot and slightly reduce the concentration of caffeine (caffeine is one of the most volatile components of a tea leaf end extracts first). Then pour some more boiling water in the teapot and infuse for 10–20 seconds depending on the desired strength. For each next brew add 3–4 more seconds compared to the previous one. This puerh variety can be brewed 5–7 times.

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