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Tea pot "Calm"

Tea pot "Calm"

280ml, Yi-Xing clay, dark brown
YiXing tea pot 280ml

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Tea pot 280ml (Yi-Xing clay, dark brown)

Yixing teapots (named after the clay extracted in the city of Yixing in eastern China) — one of the secret pearls of ancient China, have today become popular all over the world. These teapots owe their fame to several things: first of all, the unique characteristics of local clay, and secondly —the ideal design, adapted through the centuries.

Yixing clay (Zisha) contains kaolin and fine silicate particles, which, after burning, give a greasy luster and porous structure to the ware, consisting of two types of pores — closed and open. This is why Yixing teapots cool down slowly and let tea “breathe” during the brewing process. Tea brewed in a teapot made of Yixing clay cools down rather slowly, and the teapot handle doesn’t heat up. Purple clay doesn’t affect the aroma and flavor of the brewed tea and can absorb the tea brew, thereby teapots used for a long time can transfer the aroma to plain boiling water.

If a teapot is used for a long period of time for making tea and if taken care of, it absorbs the tea “juice” and its surface obtains a greasy luster that gives it a more vital look. Only then the spirit, initially imbedded and unrevealed, starts to come out, and gives it a special value.