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Qi Hong

Black tea

Qi Hong

Keemun Black Tea

Exceptional Black tea made entirely of young finest grade tea leaves

Package:Pack 50g (50 cups of tea)
Price: ₪32


Province Fujian

Qi Hong ("Tzi Hun") is often called Keemun in Western world probably because of mispronunciation of Chinese "Qimen" (pronounced "Chee-men") - home town of this wonderful tea.  

Keemun is one of the most popular red teas in the Western world. Coming from Anhui province in China, this tea was first introduced to the UK in 1875 when it contributed to a new wave in the popularity of black tea. Keemun red tea is one of the ingredients of the higher quality "English Breakfast" tea blends, and it is often consumed on its own as a breakfast style tea.

In the production process, Keemun undergoes particularly slow withering and oxidation processes, yielding more nuanced aroma and flavor.

Keemun black tea has appetizing rich, fruity and honeyed-sweet aroma with hints of orange peel, dried prunes and slightly smoky notes. The taste is wonderfully smooth, gentle and malty non-astringent taste reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa with a light hint of floral aftertaste. The slender, tightly curled black tea leaves make cups of lovely reddish beverage.

Way of cooking

Brew with boiling mineral water based on 1 teaspoon of leaves per 200 ml. Infuse for 2–3 minutes, then strain and pour into cups. We recommend repeated brewing of the tea leaves.