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Huang Zhi Xian (high grade)


Huang Zhi Xian (high grade)

Huang Zhi Xian Oolong Tea

Well-roasted, dark mountain oolong with a flavor of honeyed peach
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Province Guangdong

Huang Zhi Xiang ("Yellow Gardenia") is a beautiful Dan Cong oolong from Phoenix Mountain at Guangdong Province of China. "Dan Cong" means independent (single) bush. Each tea tree of Phoenix Dan Cong is grown just like wild plant along the mountain slopes. The average age of trees about 50 years!

Dan Cong oolongs usually have large, strong, powerful leaves. They are well-fermented and charcoal - roasted in the end of production. So they are dark in color, and very intense in taste and aroma. In dependency of fermentation degree and roasting their flavor can vary from sweet fruity smell to more heavy, woody and earthy aromates.

Yellow Gardenia is relatively well-roasted. So its first 2 brewings have smoky, roasted favour. Then comes out the lovely floral (Gardenia) aroma and a sweat taste, that clearly remind us honeyed fruit like peach preserved in syrup with a hint of flavor like custard cream

As any oolong, Yellow Gardenia is very useful for digestive system, improves metabolism, helps to breakdown fats. It contains less caffeine that other types of tea, so we can drink Yellow Gardenia in evening time as well – it will pleasure, warm and relax us. 

Way of cooking

Slightly warm a small teapot by rinsing it with boiling water. Wash the leaves in the teapot with a small amount of hot water, and then drain the water. Brew the washed leaves for 30-40 seconds, then strain and pour into cups. As for brewing, it is recommended to use boiled mineral water cooled down to a temperature of 90–95°C based on 1 table spoon of tea per 200 ml. We recommend brewing leaves 2–3 more times.