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Bai Mu Dan (high grade) כשר

White tea

Bai Mu Dan (high grade)

Bai Mu Dan (high grade)

Light fresh tea with fine flavor and elevated aroma
Package:Pack 50g (50 cups of tea)
Price: ₪44
  • 2 pcs. and more — at₪40 each pc.


Province Fujian

Bai Mu Dan is produced from the buds and tender upper leaves of the tea plant harvested in early spring. Short and reduced processing preserves the maximum healthy agents that the tea leaf is so rich in.

White tea is the strongest natural antioxidant. Its regular use slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system, increases elasticity of vascular walls and improves skin condition.

Bai Mu Dan refreshes and invigorates, thus helping survive summer heat. It is suitable for drinking even at work, and even when it cools it retains its flavor qualities.

The light yellow brew has soft sweet flavor and tender aroma leaving very pleasant aftertaste.

Way of cooking

Brew with boiled mineral water cooled down to a temperature of 60–70°C, based on 2–3 teaspoons of leaves per 200 ml. Infuse for 3–4 minutes, then strain and pour into cups. We recommend repeated brewing of the tea leaves.

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